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“British” Honey Harvest Devastated

October 31, 2012 in , ,

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) has announced the results of their survey of beekeepers honey yeilds. Many experienced beekepers have descrbed 2012 as their “most difficult beekeeping year ever”.

The figures are disturbing with the average drop in yeild being 72%! So from an average of 30 pounds of honey down to 8 pounds this year. Thats absolutely huge and I would expect that the price of British honey to rise considerabley.

So whats caused this massive drop in honey yeild. Well 88% of the beekeepers surveyed blamed the poor summer; a lot of rain and relatively cold weather being the main factors. This poor summer may have longer term ramifications as queens may not have been able to produce enough brood to see the colonies through the Winter months.

The BBKA even issued an unprecidented mid-summer warning to check stores and feed them if necessary to prevent starvation.

Apparently London beekeepers faired the worst and Northern Ireland the best but still suffering a drop of 50%.

Check out the full report from the BBKA here.

So now that Ive covered the main story and issue Id also like to point out that as far as Im aware Scotland is still part of Britain, so how can this survey be “British” when not one Scottish beekeeper was surveyed? As a Scottish beekeeper Im slightly offended that for some reason we have been deemed not important enough to talk too. I now wonder how many of the 2712 beekeepers surveyed where actually English. Id really like to know that ratio as I suspect it could be verging on an English survey.

Does this affect the validity of this survey some what? The cynic in me feels like its a way of creating a bit of media hysteria to drum up donations to the adopt a beehive initiative the BBKA run. Which is advertised in the survey pdf document.
Are you a Scottish beekeeper feeling slightly left out? Even if there are no Scottish beekeeper reports, the BBKA have only survey a very small percentage of their total membership to come up with these results. Infact its less than 9% of their total membership that have been surveyed. Their total membership can only bee a small number of the total beekeepers in the UK anyway…especially as it seems they have no Scottish members!
However the results are still disturbing for those beekeepers surveyed. Where your honey yeilds down this year?

Please let us know!

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