Being a Member

So what does it mean to be a member here, what do you get and what are the benefits?

Well first off lets start by saying being a member is absolutely FREE. You can signup at no cost. There are paid areas of the site but thats completely upto you whether you want to signup for these.

Being a member means you can receive some emails from us with interesting articles, news and stuff happening on Dont worry we wont bombard you with loads of emails. You will get a few at the beginning showing you how to get the best from this site and then you will get some every now and again. We hate useless spam too so our emails will be interesting and hopefully enjoyable!

Once your a member you can also take part in the community here, you can post on the Forums, on “The Buzz”, join Groups and even start your own (free) blog/website.

There will occasionaly be content thats only available to members so make sure and register to take advantage of this.

Now as mentioned there are paid areas of the site, these include upgrading your free blog/website to a “Pro” or “Ecommerce” package. Its a very small cost for some cool extra features. From time to time some content i.e. ebooks etc will be listed on a Pay Per View basis. We will also be introducing paid membership levels some time soon.

Dont worry though the majority of everything on this site will remain free and we will strive to give you the best beekeeping information on the web.

Please show your support for this site by telling your friends, linking to us, looking at the adverts, starting a blog and writing great content and taking part in the community! Thanks.