Parts & Accessories

There are loads of parts and accessories that can prove useful to the beekeeper here are just a few:

Queen Excluder:

Excluders can be made from plastic or metal and are used as a selective barrier, allowing worker bees through but not the larger queens. The openings should be limited to 0.163 inch (4.14 mm). Excluders are used to limit access of the queen to honey supers. If the queen lays eggs in the honey supers and a brood develops it is difficult to harvest a clean honey product and it makes fall management more difficult. Queen excluders should be in use in Spring and Summer only.

Crown Board:

The Crown board separates the supers from the roof and stops the bees from sticking the roof down. It can also be used with bee escapes to remove the bees from the supers.

Snelgrove Board:

An ingenious invention that helps stop your bees from swarming.

Clearer Boards:

Clearer boards are used to clear the bees from the super when wishing to extract the honey crop.

Bee Escapes:

Like the clearer boards, beekeepers use bee escapes to allow bees to leave the super but not return, thus emptying the super ready for honey extraction. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes; porter, rhombus, canadian, cone.

Mouse Guards:

Use mouse guards in the months where the bees are innactive to keep the mice out of the hive.

Travelling Boxes and Screens:

Used to move bees and give them plenty of ventillation.


Very useful large straw bowl with tight fitting lid used to catch swarms of bees.

Not to mention frame spacers, foam entrance enclosures, hoffman converter clips, narrow and wide plastic/metal ends, eyelets, frame wire and hive nails.

Where to buy parts and accessories: