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    Below is a poster that can help you identify Bumble Bees. There has been some recent talk about the not very well known Cuckoo Bumble Bee.

    I must admit I never even knew the existence of the Cuckoo Bumble Bee. Seemingly it finds a different bumble bee varietys nest then it will either kill the queen bumble bee straight away or hang around the nest for a while picking up the scent and then get rid of the queen.

    The workers are sterile and dont really have much other choice but to accept the new Cuckoo Bumble Bee Queen and rear its young instead. The new queen will lay as many larvae as the workers can cope with these then mature and leave the nest and the cycle begins again.

    The main difference between a Cuckoo Bumble Bee and other varieties is that the Cuckoo has no pollen sacks on its legs. Because it is parasitic in its nature it does no work and therefore does not need the pollen sacks!

    Amazing. Anyway below is the poster which I hope you find useful. Click on it to enlarge it (you may have to use the zoom in bottom right if using Internet Explorer):

    Bumble Bee Identification Poster

    Bumble Bee Identification Poster

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