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    Had a bad experience last year when lots of my bees drowned in the frame feeder although I had put some twigs into the syrup. Since then, I have found a damaged feeder with plastic foundation material stuffed into the feeder like a vertical serpentine wall, thus giving the bees a surface to crawl about on. Also mention of a float in the feeder to provide a ‘raft’ for the bees to settle on.

    Question – What would one of these floats look like, and what material would be used ?

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    Ive never used a frame feeder and from what I have been told and can gather they get a lot of complaints.

    Im not sure what they will be made out of but I would imagine plastic or balsa wood, I did read somewhere that beeks have used bracken or those polyststyrene balls you get in packaging.

    I think the newer frame feeders come with grooved (ladder) edges!

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