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    Had bad reaction to sting at the weekend. Are there any beekeepers out there who have the same problem and still keep their bees? It will be very sad day if I have to get rid of mine. Had full treatment at A&E and now have epipen.

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    My Mum knows a guy who is heavily allergic. He carrys the vaccination or epipen thing with him all the time. he as no plans to give up his bees.

    If you have the cure to the sting reaction whats the problem? If you wear all the right equipment it should be rare-ish you get stung. Of course you will get stung working with bees its just unavoidable but hey you got the epipen so that reaction shouldnt happen again.

    Its up to you, if you feel like its too much of a risk then give them to somebody else but there are loads of people allergic to bee stings who just carry the treatment with them at all times.

    I would say keep your bees, if you get enjoyment from them and you like honey then why not, you have the antidote now.

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