12x SN4 Beehive Super (Shallow) Assembled Hoffman Self Spacing Frames with worker wax foundation

12x SN4 Beehive Super Assembled Hoffman Self Spacing Frames with wax
Super (shallow) frames are fitted with standard worker wired wax foundation
Assembled and ready to put in the hive
Made from pine, 17″ (including lugs) x 5.5″ x 14″ (43 x 14 x 35.5cm)
Suitable for British National, WBC and Smith bee hives only

Look at any catalogue and you can see what Hoffman frames look like. Why do we like the design? Well, using spacers is an extra operation we can do without, the metal ones cut your fingers and the plastic ones cannot be sterilized. Castellated spacing is inflexible, accumulates propolis and detritus, and does not allow bee-friendly removal and placement of the frames. Pins, eyelets, and the like, often seen in commercial operations, require planning and a degree of standardisation we just do not achieve, and the cost they save is not significant on the small-scale. Manley frames are all very well, but the flat faces of the sidebars can squash bees and must be kept clean or the frames become awkward to separate. Hoffman’s, on the other hand, stop the frames from rocking when hives are moved, and the ‘point on flat’ meeting surface is bee-friendly and readily separated. The all-wood construction means an organic (acetic) acid sterilant can be used, and the frames can be passed through a caustic soda bath. If you are new to beekeeping we strongly recommend you visit the British Beekeepers Association website http://www.bbka.org.uk/ and join your local association. The help and support you will receive will be invaluable.

£45.60 (tax incl.)
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