Complete Cedar National Beehive Package – Option 3

This complete national beehive is made from Western Red Cedar, known for its longlasting quality and suitability for use in beekeeping equipment. The hive is hand made in a traditional joinery workshop in Cumbria to the highest standards. All joints are glued and screwed for added strength, and can be made with a gabled or flat beehive roof depending on your requirements.

This complete Red Cedar national hive includes a brood box and two supers, a hive stand, beehive roof, queen excluder, crown board and a BeeHiveMaker open mesh floor with inspection tray.10 Brood and 10 super frames with foundation, hive tool and smoker.

The open mesh floor of this national beehive has been made with the same care and attention as the hive itself. It includes a white inspection tray making it easy to see mite drop. When required for mite treatment, it will also close completely.

The workshop of BeeHiveMaker uses traditional methods to gain great results, a quality beehive made with care and attention.

£424.99 (tax incl.)
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