Wildlife World Natural Bee Hive – WBC Frame

Product Description
The Natural Bee Keeping Hive Has Been Designed For The Family and is an exciting new product from Wildlife World which offers both experienced beekeepers and newcomers a high quality WBC Frame hive for keeping Honey Bees. It is very flexible and additional boxes (supers) can be added if required. Beekeepers all have very strong views and all have different preferences to the best way of keeping Honey Bees. The exciting benefit of The Natural Bee Keeping Hive is that if you decide to change beekeeping technique in the future that is possible by just buying different internals. Features include: Adjustable entrance aperture, Double insulated construction, Glass quilt (inspection cover), Galvanized varroa mesh, Varroa tray, Can be extended with optional lift and brood box

Box Contains
1 x Bee Hive
1 x Brood Box
10 x Frames
1 x Dummy Frame
1 x Glass Viewing Panel (Quilt)
1 x Mite Tray
1 x Scraper Tool
1 x Spray Bottle
1 x Bee Suit (Adult)

£408.49 (tax incl.)
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