Bees are social insects and are successful because the behaviour of each individual bee is in tune with her sisters. The behaviour of hives is an amplification of the individuals behaviour. Hive behaviour can vary greatly, some hives can be especially angry and fierce while others are very passive.

Observation is the key to recognising behaviours. This can be done as you conduct your business as a beekeeper. The behaviour of bees is of most importance to bee breeders.

Behaviour list:

Swarming Behavior

Anarchic Behavior

Rosette Capping Behaviour

Cell Building Propensity

Cell Numbers Built

Running Behaviour

Jumping Behaviour

Following Behaviour

Cool Weather Clustering

Mating Behaviour

Multiple Mating

Mating Frequency

House Cleaning Behaviour

Grooming Behaviour

Mite Damaging Behaviour

Propolising Behaviour

Hygienic Behaviour

Head Butting Behaviour

Biting and Hair Pulling

Guarding Behaviour

Robbing Behaviour


Drifting Behaviour

Working Day Length

Queen Balling

Pollen Storage Behaviour

Umbrella Behaviour

Undertaking Behaviour