Beekeeping Clothing

Beekeeping clothing is essential, especially for the beginner. Some more experienced beekeepers will only wear a hat and veil but we would advise the full suit and gloves when manipulating hives.

You will notice that bee suits tend to be white (some are not, we would avoid these). This is a good colour to wear as the bees do not see it as a threat. If we think about natural predators of bees i.e. bears, we can see that bees would react more aggressively to darker colours and shapes. So make sure to wear light coloured clothes if no suit is being worn.

The Suit:

You should really try and get the best that you can afford. If you are a beginner it is best to feel as safe as possible so you enjoy the experience all the more. It is not advisable to buy a veil only, try and get a full suit or atleast a jacket or smock with built in veil.

The older style veils have netting all around the back and can cause problems when the netting folds inwards letting the odd bee sting the back of your neck. Try and get one that has a fabric back and looks a bit like a fencing helmet, it is sometimes called the astronaut suit.


Normally a suit will come packaged with gauntlet type gloves. These will certainly protect your hands from stings but are very cumbersome, making it difficult to manipulate the hive efficiently, thus causing more stress and aggrevation to the bees. A better solution is to use marigolds or even blue medical gloves if you can lay your hands on them. Anyway the odd sting on the hand isnt too bad….is it? It may even help ease arthritis.


Advised for the more experienced bee keeper that requires less protection. Most of the veils resemble the one in the picture above entitled ‘Good’. Check out the selection of veils Thorne has here.

You can buy beekeeping clothing here: