Hive Branding

Unfotunately hive thefts do happen and if anything are becoming more common. Essentially there isnt much you can do to stop this but hive branding could help police and other beekeepers trace the hive.

A brand could be your initials, a symbol or code; something that is unique and easily recognisable as being connected with you.

Branding should be done to all sections of hive, even down to each frame.

Creating the brand can be done a variety of ways;

A permanent marker pen is probably the easiest option but also one than can be erased most easily.

Using a knife to carve the brand is a more permanent fixture but is time consuming and potentially dangerous, requiring some level of skill. Choose a simple symbol or similar if choosing this option to reduce the skill and time required.

The quickest and best way is to burn the brand in. This takes some time to prepare the brander but will save time in the long run. Dave Cushman has made one here.