Bee Smokers

Smokers mostly come in two sizes: large and small. They are manufactured in three types of metal:

  • Tin plated steel: Cheapest option but expect it to look pretty tired within two seasons.
  • Copper: More resistant to corrosion but has a tendency to get easily dented.
  • Stainless steel: These are the best but the most expensive option.

A wire guard will stop you from burning yourself but is a less common option on a small smoker.

The large smoker used to be the smoker of choice for beekeepers but with the advent of compressed cotton as a fuel the small smoker comes into its own.

Using the compressed cotton means a small smoker will burn for a lot longer. This means it is more suited to beginners with only a few hives as its easier to hold and manouver.

Where to buy bee smokers: