Moving Hives

Moving hives can be tricky, especially if the hives are WBC. There are tools available to buy and ones that can be home made that will make the job a whole lot easier.

There will be instances when moving a hive must be done but in general if the beekeeper chooses the apiary site carefully there may never have to move it.

However there may be the offer of a free hive if collected or some other reason. So below is some info to help:

Moving hives involves four general steps:
1. Closing the bees inside the hive at the old location
2. Securing the hive components so the hive won’t come apart during the move
3. Carrying, loading, and transporting the hive
4. Unloading and opening the hive at the new location

Download a pdf with more details of the above here.

An important point that should also be taken into consideration is how far the bees are to be moved. It should either be less than 3 feet or more than 3 miles!

Below is a video you may find useful:

Dave Cushman also provides an excellent description of his home made hive wheelbarrow on his website here.