Queen Mating Beehive

Outside measurements : 15.5cm Wide, 15.cm deep and 23cm long
3 frames
breather gate and queen excluder for the feeder compartment.
Sliding entrance gate
Useful bottom drawer

This is sometimes described as a SWI-BINE MATING HIVE These polystyrene mating hives are very well designed and make it easy to produce new mated queen bees. The reason for rearing your own Queens has many advantages. These include: ~Being able to choose which bees you breed from ~can save up to 2 months of egg laying time if your colony decides to re-queen itself naturally. This can effectively make a colony far more productive in the precious short season ~ Quick and easy to produce a new nucleus of bees ~Saving the cost of buying a queen from a breeder which can be up to £40 ~Not least of which is the pure enjoyment of achieving this surprisingly simple task A SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY USE YOUR qUEEN MATING HIVE IS INCLUDED

£12.99 (tax incl.)
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