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Abruzzo Tornareccio Honey

June 27, 2011 in , ,

Abruzzo is the region in a central Italy, home to three protected national parks with most spectacular mountain- and sea landscapes. Due to the climate, altitude and protected status you can find a wealth of trees old beech woods, mixed with Turkey oaks and Austrian pines form most of the forests, with maple, mountain ash, fir, yew, laburnum, hazel, wild pear, wild cherry and apple trees also present. The area is not very well known to travellers, but is very popular with Italians itself. We think they are very good in keeping their best secret holiday spots. The area is very popular for all kind of sports, trekking, horse riding, photography and fishing.

Abruzzo is also famous for its ancient culinary traditions. Due to difficult access and rocky landscape the typical cuisine of Abruzzo did not have as much foreign influence as other parts of Italy and retain its old charm. Abruzzo’s people are very hard working and are proud of their local produce including famous Montepulciano and other DOC wines, extra-virgin olive oil, top class pasta, lovely Pecorino cheese, saffron and honey.

Abruzzo produces 13% of Italy’s honey and it is of top quality. There are lot of varieties available most popular being thyme, chestnut and acacia. The local beekeepers also produce superb propolis and royal jelly.

The capital of Abruzzo’s honey production is a small town situated on Mount Pallano overlooking the lush Sangro Valley. It is home to an important local festival held at the end of September, where local beekeepers can show off their products to more that 5.000 visitors. There are workshops, demonstrations and tasting sessions available.

The town is full of Italian charm with cobbled streets and ancient churches. It is situated about ½ hour drive from pristine Blue Flag beaches of Adriatic, about hour’s drive from international airport of Pescara (Ryanair flights), about 15 minutes away from popular lake Bomba.

In 2011 the Festival Regina di Miele (“Honey Queen”) is held on 24.09 – 25.09.11, for access, area information and accommodation ideas you are welcome to visit our website

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