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Planting for bees

June 4, 2009 in ,

Well it seems that we have to do all we can to help aid the bees survival. One of the things we can all do to help whether you have a garden or not is providing bees with the flowering plants they love.

I say you dont need a garden because you can utilise your window ledges and balconies by using window boxes and pots etc.

So what can we plant that bees love?

Well from my own experiences watching bees in my garden they love wild flowers, herbs (especially rosemary and thyme), escallonia, catmint and buddleia.

I strongly advise creating a wild flower and herb patch in your garden or why not create a window box of herbs. You get nice herbs to use in cooking and you help bees, everyones a winner!

Perhaps we should petition our local councils about planting more for bees. Although Perth and Kinross to plant wild flowers on some roundabouts I have seen.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Here is a good book on the topic:

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