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    Well a bit behind schedule and not completely finished but the new site has been launched anyway! There has been some struggles, it definitely was not easy transfering all the data from the old site. However, I think most of the info has survived intact and I will be reviewing it all and adding more as I go (bare with me on that, and if you have anything you wish to add to the pages then just email me).

    The users were the hardest thing to transfer over, the new system forced me to change peoples usernames (so they would only use lowercase letter, no spaces etc) and passwords. I tried to keep as many users as possible but I had to delete loads that to me looked “spammy”. If your account has been deleted and your not a spammer then I apologise profusely and welcome you to start another account and be a part of the best beekeeping website.

    The new site has a wealth of new features, the main one being you can now start your very own honey beekeeping site for FREE. Yup prett cool huh, you can actually have your own website under the Honey Beekeeping umbrella so the domain would look something like this:

    You could use such a site as a blog, a beekeepers online diary, your beekeeping business website or even a beekeeping shop! The possibilities are huge, the sites of course do have to be beekeeping related.

    OK so please bare with us while all the functionality and pages are sorted. There will be a lot of help pages added to guide you through all the new stuff.

    We really want this to be the best online beekeepers comunity and website but we need your help to do it, so hopefully you wils sign up, leave a comment, start a site, create a group for your local beekeepers and friends and really integrate this website with your excellent hobby!

    Help make this the best beekeeping website!
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