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    I am just about to start beekeeping and have the best local advisor experts who have been beekeeping for 40 years plus! One has recomended a site 100 yards from my farmhouse (do not farm – live next to the steading where there are two large sheds that house beef cattle from October/November to March/April) – steading owned by neighbouring farmer). It is on the edge of a wood and the experts say it is ideal from wind/protection/safety point of view.

    Does anyone have hives in the same situation or wish to offer advice? The hives would be at the opposite end of the main shed about twenty metres away from the brick shed wall that is 5 metres plus high. The entrance to the shed is no where near where the hives would be placed and on the other side of the shed.

    Can I tell the farmer that during these winter months when the cattle are housed in the sheds that they will be fine and that for the most part the bees will not bother them.

    Appreciate advice, thanks.

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    Hi Ron,

    Welcome to the forum. It all sounds good. Seems like you have a good spot to start bekeeping. Sounds like you have excellent local support also, this is a very good thing and often not to hard to find in the beekeeping community. My experience is other beeks are relatively happy to pass on knowledge and give up some of their time etc. This is undoubtably because beekeeping is so much more than a hobby!

    You can absolutely tell the farmer that the bees will not bother the cattle. The bees will be all tucked up in the hive all Winter.

    So are you all set for Winter, or I should say are your bees? Did you inherit a full hiveor was a nuc you got in the summer and have brought on since then?

    Good luck with it anyway and remember to keep a close eye on your bees. And stay tuned to this site for some big changes before Christmas!

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